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All the burials, memorials, transcriptions and images are available for any individual buried in the cemetery are listed here.

We have transcribed the available burial registers. Three books are held by the Berkshire Records office on behalf of Newbury Town Council, but the whereabouts of the remaining two are unknown and presumed lost.

We recently uncovered the Newbury Cemetery Company accounts, also held at the Berkshire Records Office, and are currently in the process of transcribing these with emphasis on the 'Missing years' from the burial registers.

Where is my relative buried?

Unfortunately, there are no existing records that tell us where everyone is buried. We only know the location of those people who have a headstone. We believe that the plot records were lost in a fire (probably at the same time as the missing ledgers).

The database of burials we have online is searchable by name or date, so feel free to search the database and view the information available and any biographies, pictures and other documents we have for an individual.

Help required

If you have any information about a person that is buried in the cemetery (or about the cemetery itself) we would be very pleased to hear from you. Credit is always given to the researcher and any photos or documents provided will be acknowledged.

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List of people buried in the year 1850

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Burial  
William WILSON 29 March 1850 06 April 1850  
Alfred RONTREE 30 April 1850  
Hannah LEGG 11 May 1850  
Susannah PACKER 25 May 1850  
Charles William TASKER 28 June 1850  
Edward GRIFFIN 05 July 1850  
Mary PEARCE 10 July 1850  
Charlotte SIMSON 13 July 1850  
Albert POCOCK 20 July 1850  
Edward William KNIGHT 23 July 1850  
Eliza GIBBS 26 July 1850  
Charles RANDALL 02 August 1850  
Richard WRIGHT 02 August 1850  
Ellen BRIDGEMAN 07 August 1850  
William KIMBLE 09 August 1850  
William CUIN 23 August 1850  
Joseph APPLETON 28 August 1850  
Unnamed WHITENING 30 August 1850  
Harriet BOOZ 30 August 1850  
Edward STROUD 31 August 1850  
Ann BUSHNELL 04 September 1850  
Ann BURROUGH 04 September 1850  
Elizabeth BRIGHT 13 September 1850  
Charles JENNINGS 14 September 1850  
Unnamed HAYWARD 18 September 1850  
Ann BRADLEY 20 September 1850  
Unnamed COPAS 25 September 1850  
Catherine SQUIRES 28 September 1850  
Emma LAYTON 01 October 1850  
Joseph BURROUGH 02 October 1850  
Amelia TOOES 03 October 1850  
James Henry COOPER 12 October 1850  
Elizabeth GILES 12 October 1850  
Hannah SHARPS 12 October 1850  
Joseph TRIGGS 16 October 1850  
George TENNANT 21 October 1850  
John MILLER 25 October 1850  
Albana SWAIT 28 October 1850  
Thomas WILKINS 02 November 1850  
John PEARCE 05 November 1850  
Sarah GOODMAN 06 November 1850  
Hannah PERRY 15 November 1850  
Alice WESTON 15 November 1850  
Catherine DENNIS 22 November 1850  
Emma TOOES 22 November 1850  
Mary NALDER 06 December 1850  
Thomas RAWLINS 11 December 1850  
Emma BEALES 17 December 1850  
Hannah HOWSON 10 December 1850 18 December 1850  
Unnamed SMITH 28 December 1850  

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