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Death Information

   John Claridge
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Death certificate for John Claridge
Certificate provided by General Register Office
Death certificate for
John Claridge
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Maiden name:
Date of Death:
   30 October 1916
Age at death:
Date of birth:
(From death certificate)
Place of birth:
(From death certificate)
Place of death:
   4 Victoria Villas, Jubilee Road, Newbury, Newbury
Usual address:
   4 Victoria Villas, Jubilee Road,. Newbury
Cause of death:
  Poisoned Toe, Tetanus
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Information Sources: General Register Office
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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   John Claridge
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   04 November 1916
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   1 Victoria Villa's, Jubilee Road,, Newbury.
Burial register information:
Book number: 1899
Page number: 293
Record number: 9544
Official at burial:
   A Griffiths
Source of information:
  Burial Register
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Memorial Details

  John Claridge
  30 October 1916
  4 kerbstones and shield at centre
  Sandstone with engraved letters
  Shield Face: In Loving Memory of Jack M. Evans who gave his life for King and Country Oct. 20th. 1940 aged 23. North kerbstone: In Memory of John Claridge who died Oct. 30th. 1916 aged 56 South kerbstone: Also Louisa, his wife who died Feb. 5th. 1917 aged 54.
  Shield fair, kerbstones subsiding.
  87, 88
    Jack Evans' stone is for War Memorial not burial
  15 February 2012
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Other people list on this memorial

Jack Evans
Louisa Claridge



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john Claridge
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On the grave of John and Louisa Claridge rests the following memorial stone:-
This is to their grandson JACK MARSHALL EVANS who was born to their daughter Lydia (1889 - 1975) on 30th December, 1916.
He joined the Royal Navy in January 1935 and later became part of the submarine service until his death on H.M. Submarine Triad which was sunk on 20th October 1940 in The Gulf of Toranto, Italy, with the loss of all hands - a complement of 53..  
The following is an Admiralty report of the loss:-
Triad was assigned to the Mediterranean. On 9 October 1940 she sailed from Malta to operate in the Gulf of Taranto, with orders to reach Alexandria on completion of her patrol. She failed to make port and by 20 October the submarine was declared overdue. She was believed to have been lost in a minefield or sunk by Italian anti-submarine aircraft. New evidence suggests that Triad was engaged and sunk with all hands on the night of 14/15 October by the Italian submarine Enrico Toti. 
At 01:00 on 15 October, Enrico Toti sighted a large submarine 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) to port: both boats manoeuvred into attack position. Italian accounts claim the British opened fire first, but all of Triad's shells missed. She also fired a torpedo which Enrico Toti avoided by turning sharply, then closed on the enemy submarine at top speed, firing as she approached. Soon, machine gun fire compelled the British gunners to abandon the exposed deck. As the British submarine started to dive, Enrico Toti fired a torpedo and hit the British submarine with two 120 mm shells. The boat rose vertically then disappeared without survivors. The action lasted around 30 minutes.

Photo kindly supplied by a relative - Keith Russ

We shall remember them.
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Pictures and photographs

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Evans Family Grave
Evans Family Grave at Newtown Road Cemetery
Evans Family Grave
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Jack Evans
photograph of Jack Evans, Royal Navy - grandson of John and Louisa Claridge
©Keith Russ - relative
Jack Evans
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Jack Evans
Memorial stone at Newtown Road Cemetery, Newbury
Jack Evans
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John Claridge death cert.
John Claridge death cert.


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