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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Henry John Booth
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   04 September 1929
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   35 St. John's Road, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 139
Record number: 10707
Official at burial:
   G.H.W. Newbold
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Henry John Booth
  31 August 1929
  "In sure and certain hope."/ ILMO/ Henry John BOOTH/ who entered into the fuller life/ 31st. Aug. 1929/ aged 60 years . And of his wife Harriet Gertrude/ died May 10th. 1954/ aged 81./ "Reunited."
  01 January 1980
  Mrs Patterson
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Harriett Gertrude Booth



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Henry John Booth
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    05 September 1929
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News











The death occurred on Saturday last of Mr. Henry John Booth, of Highclere, who0 passed away at Ingleside Nursing Home, Newbury, after a brief illness. He had been ailing for a short time, but until a week ago his condition was not critical, indeed it appeared as though he might have many more years of useful life. His age was 60.


Mr. Henry John Booth was the son of the Rev. W.H. Booth who is still living in Newbury at the great age of 93. His mother was Miss Annie Spackman, a daughter of Mr. Clare Spackman of Eastbury. He was thus connected on both sides with two of the most prominent agricultural families of the district. He was born in Newbury, and throughout his life this town remained the centre of his world.


His father, however, took a living in Yorkshire while Henry was still a baby, and his boyhood and schooldays were spent in the North Midlands, he being educated at the well-known school of Newcastle under Lyme. There was. However, little of the north about him, except a warm heartedness that traditionally belongs to a Yorkshireman. He came down south in his teens when he was articled to the late Mr. A.W. Neate, whose business at that time had not extended beyond Hungerford. Heredity inclined him to his native district for practically the remainder of his life.


It was about this time he received the nickname which stuck to him all his life. General Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, was then reaching the zenith of his career, and naturally most of the younger generation of Booths became “Generals.” There was something akin in the two men, in that both were loved by a large circle of friends and both were born leaders. Zealous and true, Booth was general known by this pseudonym which was usually prefaced by “Little.”


He soon left Hungerford, and went into partnership with Mr. Albert Church at the Town Mills and also in the corn and meal business in Bartholomew-street. In 1896 he married Miss Gertrude Knight, daughter of Mr. Edward Knight, formerly of Town Mills, and thus became a brother-in-law of his partner, Mr. Albert Church who had married the elder Miss Knight.


Amongst other activities which he participated in, and he was always an energetic enthusiastic man, were the Berkshire Voluntary Mounted Infantry, the Newbury Church Choir in which his father was formerly a chorister, and many sports and pastimes. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, belonging to the Lodge of Hope, of which lodge his father was also a member and is now the oldest Mason in Berkshire.


Mr. Booth's association with Mr. Albert Church started his connection with the Newbury Volunteer Fire Brigade, which became practically his life's hobby. He developed into a highly efficient fireman, and studied the theoretical as well as the practical side. He joined the Newbury Brigade in 1889, and remained a member until 1912, when he had attained the commissioned rank of second officer. His experiences took him far afield, as he became one of the firemen under the Board of Trade, who took over the British section at foreign exhibitions.


In this status he visited Brussels in 1910, Turin in 1912, and Leipsic in 1914, when on the outbreak of war he had to get out of Germany as best he could, and it was only by the intervention of the American Council that he and branchman Freebody were able to start at all. Even then they had the greatest difficulty, eventually escaping via Switzerland. In later years he had lived at West-street Farm, Burghclere, where he had a small holding, and was making a name for his breed of spaniels and his kennels. He had charge of the Highclere Castle Fire Brigade, which he had reorganised and made efficient, and his advice was constantly being sought as to appliances and the defence of houses and estates from fire.


“Little General” was one of the most genuinely liked men in the neighbourhood. He made hundreds of friends, and those who were privileged to know him realise they have sustained a great loss by his death. He was genial, witty and companionable. He was truly a big-hearted man and loved to assist all good causes in any way in which he was able. Nothing was too much trouble to him in helping others, and he leaves a gap which cannot be filled. Sympathy will be genuinely extended to the family, and especially to the widow in the absolutely irreparable loss sustained.




The members of the Newbury Volunteer Fire Brigade paid honour to their late comrade by attending the funeral yesterday (Wednesday) at Newbury Parish Church. They manned the engine on the front of which was a large emblem consisting of blue and white asters surmounted by a floral design representing a fireman's helmet. The Brigade, former members and fellow-Masons, lined the pathway to the Church door, standing to attention as the body was borne into Church. Afterwards the Brigade followed the funeral procession to the Newtown-road Cemetery. The rector (the Rev. L.R. Majendie) officiated being assisted by Canon R.S. Medlicott (rector of Burghclere), and the Rev. A.H.D. Newbold (vicar of Speen). The hymns were “Lead kindly light” and “Peace, perfect peace.”


The mourners were: Mrs. H.J. Booth (widow), Mrs. A. Church (sister-in-law), Mr. J.H. Spackman (uncle), Miss Spackman (aunt), Mr. Albert Church (brother-in-law), Mr. Ernest Church (nephew), Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Booth,, Mr. and Mrs Bert Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Comyns, Mr. Herbert Comyns, Miss Piggott (cousins), Dr. Gordon Leggat, Mr. Edward Salway jnr., Miss English, Mr. and Mrs. Turner (London), Mr. Effingham Piper (Woodhouse, Sheffield).


The firemen present were Sergeant Martin, Branchman J. Brindley and H. Camp, Engineer G. Heath, Fireman A. Turner Cleveland, J. Hassell, J. Crocker, R. Green, E. Higgins C. Rummins, New and Seward; past firemen Messrs. R.J. Freebody, S.Biddis, T. Langton, F. Bennet junr., D.C. Finn, A.D.Cater, W. Cooke, S. Jeffrey, H. Martin, H. Ratcliffe, H. Hopton, Mr. J. Day representing the Highclere Castle Fire Brigade.


The Masons present were Messrs. P. Chillingworth, S.P. Burton, Mr. F. G. Whittaker, E. Turner, J. W. Rosling, W. H. H. Court, and J. Smallbones.


(There follows a photograph and an immense list of people attending the funeral.)



Newbury Weekly News 5 September 1929


Mrs. P. p 7 S 12

Died 31 August 1929 aged 60

Buried 4 September 1929 from 35 St John's Road.

Book 1917 p. 139 No. 10707


Also wife Harriett Gertrude died 10 May 1954 aged 81.

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Henry John Booth

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Henry John Booth
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Henry John Booth
Henry John Booth


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