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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Jane Sarson Cooper Ingham
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   10 July 1906
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   4 Beaconsfield Terrace, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1899
Page number: 122
Record number: 8171
Official at burial:
   F Halliday
Source of information:
  Burial Register
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Memorial Details

  "Sarson" INGHAM
  05 July 1906
  Headstone and 3 Kerbstones
  From top of Headstone: In Loving and Reverent Memory of/ "Sarson", Poet, Author/ daughter of the late/ Revd. J. & Mary Ingham/ who fell asleep July 5th. 1906./ "Waiting."/ Also In Loving Memory Of/ Louisa Faulkner Ingham/ third daughter of/ Jabez & Mary Ingham/ who died July 25th. 1922 in her 73rd. year./ "The Lord knoweth the way that I take./ When he hath tried me I shall come forth as gold."
  Poor condition with lichen. Inlaid letters, many peeling off.
  LS(A) 29
    Burial Register and BMD Death record "Sarson" Ingham died aged 62 years.
  18 September 2014
  D Duff
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Louisa Faulkner INGHAM



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Jane Sarson Ingham
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    12 July 1906
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News







On Thursday last, the late Miss Ingham passed away at her residence, Beaconsfield-terrace, Newbury.


The deceased lady was daughter of the late Rev. J. Ingham, a Wesleyan minister whose memory is still remembered in this neighbourhood.


Miss Ingham was a gifted authoress, well-known in literary circles under the anonym “Sarson.” Her first effort to arrest attention bore the title of “The White Cross,” and passed into thirteen editions, and in addition was widely circulated in America. This work was quickly followed by what is to many her masterpiece, “Selina's Story,” an autobiographical poem. Some fifteen other works followed in quick succession, “Caedmon's Vision,” “Soul Echoes.” “Laura Linwood,” “Duchess Reinee,” “Esther Lovell,” “Dr. Blandford's Conscience,” etc. etc. The keynotes of Miss Ingham's work maintained throughout has been the disciplinary purposes of life, and the ultimate influence of character on destiny. In September last, Miss Ingham issued what has proved to be her last book, her Swan-song really, under the title of “Ida Llymond and her hour of visions,” a work blending allegory with fiction, its aim being to emphasise half-revealed spiritual truths to comfort the heart, and fan the best hopes of men and women who struggle to keep sure footing through all the mazes of this life and yet yearn to realise a better. “Graduating for many years in the school of suffering (to quote from this last work), having fulfilled the time of His patience, this ardent soul passed away to be forever with the Lord of her life and love, and to the rapture and realisation of the mysteries she pondered, where faith is lost in sight.

The open vision-the shining of the face,

The touch of the hand-

My kiss upon His feet,

His kiss upon my brow.

The white stone whereupon was the new name written, a secret between my Lord and me.”


The funeral of the late Miss Ingham took place on Tuesday, July 10th. The casket covered with beautiful floral emblems was conveyed to the Wesleyan Church, where the memorial service was held, conducted by the Rev. F. Halliday (pastor), who gave a most appropriate and appreciative address on the deceased lady's Christian life and service, and was assisted by the Revs. T.H. Lomas and G.M. Kerr. As the cortège entered, the organist played “O! Rest in the Lord.”

The hymns

“Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness,

My beauty are, my glorious dress,

Midst flaming worlds in these arrayed,

With joy shall I lift up my head.”

(a favourite of the deceased), and “Peace, perfect peace,” were sung.

The service was concluded at the grave in the Cemetery.

The mourners were Mrs Unkles, Miss L. Ingham, Mrs Jones (sisters), Mr. Alcock (brother-in-law).

Among the numerous floral contributions was a lyre “from her sorrowing yet rejoicing sisters” from Mr. and Mrs. Alcock, her niece and her husband (Mrs. H. Elliott), from Misses Gregory, Miss Alton, Mrs. Launcelot Smythe and Mrs Dawbarn (London) Miss Rolfe, Misses Dolton, Mr. and Miss Mason, Mrs. and Miss Coles, Mr. and Mrs. Webb, Miss Borristone, Miss Woof (Newbury),

The funeral arrangements were conducted by Messrs Hopson.

Newbury Weekly News 12 July 1906

Died 5 July 1906


Page 137 of Mrs. Patterson's book shows "Sarson", Poet, author, daughter of Rev. J. Ingham.
Checked on www. and found the following references:-
1. (Poems ... By INGHAM, Sarson C. Book Description. Newbury, 11 November 1874. ... Sarson C. Ingham, woman novelist, author of Adelaide's Treasure (1880), ...
INGHAM‚ Sarson C. 4080
2. Autograph Letter Signed ‘Sarson C.Ingham’‚ addressed “Chère petite amie”‚ saying that she is a prisoner as a result of an inflamed foot‚ asking her correspondent to call. 3 pp. 4? x 3? inches‚ second leaf laid down on part of album page. Newbury‚ 11 November 1874. Sarson C.Ingham‚ woman novelist‚ author of Adelaide’s Treasure (1880)‚ Eleanor’s Ambition (1885)‚ Esther Lovell (1890)‚ etc. “If you will come and have a cup of tea with me at five o’clock we can chat over as much congenial rubbish as we like‚ for neither Papa nor Mamma will be in.” 
Price : £65.00 
3. Adelaide's treasure, and how the thief came unawares
Wesleyan Conference Office, 1880


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Pictures and photographs

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Sarson Ingham
cover photo of book
©Wesleyan Conference Office 1880
Sarson Ingham


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