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  Headstone. Covered top with plaque.
  Limestone Lead letters
  Headstone: "The / weary / are at / rest." /In Loving Memory of/ Annie Davis/ who entered into Rest/ Sunday,November22. 1885 / aged 23 years. / Also of / Jemima / the beloved wife of / George Davis / who fell asleep in Jesus / July 13th. 1896 / aged 69 years. / "With Christ which is far better." / Also of George Davis / who was called Home July 6th. 1905 / in the 79th year of his age. / "to die is to gain." / Phil.1. 1. XI // Plaque: Also of Mary Jane Davis / wife of Frederick Wilkins / who was born Aug. 19th. 1860. Died Oct. 5th. 1921 / and was buried Riverview Cemetery, Wellsville, Ohio, U.S.A. / Also of Charles Davis who was born June 3rd. 1865. Died Nov. 28th. 1943. //
  Good. Overgrown and bush hiding East face.
    George was from Bristol, son of a baker had a son, William George, by his first wife Mary, when he was working as a painter & glazier in Malmesbury, Wilts in 1851. It appears that she died soon after. He later married Jemima King, daughter of a shoe maker from Newnham, Glos. They first lived in Newnham where George worked as a painter & glazier & they had three children, Mary Jane, Charles & Annie from 1861. William lived with them in 1861. By 1871, the family (without William) had moved to 20, Carnarvon Tce, Newbury, where both Jemima, then George, died. George worked as a house painter until his death. In his final years, Jemima's sister, Belinda Hitchcock was his housekeeper. Their eldest daughter, Mary Jane, married Frederick Wilkins of Ardington, Berkshire in 1891 in Cuyhoga, Ohio, USA. She is buried in Riverdale Cemetery, Wellsvillle, Ohio and memorialised on her parents' grave. Charles became a pupil teacher in Newbury by the 1891 census and later became a Congregational Minister. He married Caroline Pullen of Newbury and they moved to Camborne, Cornwall where Charles continued as a schoolmaster. He retired with his wife to Bournemouth where he died. His parents-in-law, the Pullens, are buried in P(C)2. See NWN Obit on the Sources: NRC Bur Recds; Ancestry records.
  08 January 2023
  Elizabeth Capewell

Persons named on this monument.

Annie DAVIS  
Jemima DAVIS  
George DAVIS  
Mary Jane nee Davis WILKINS  
Charles (Rev.) DAVIS  

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