Jane Elizabeth Crosswell

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 22/06/2020
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Jane Elizabeth Crosswell



Jane was born in Newbury and was the daughter of George & Sarah Crosswell (nee Berry).

Jane’s mother Sarah was born c1840 in Swindon Wiltshire. She gave birth to a daughter, Arabella Berry born in 1859 in Newbury. In 1861 Sarah was living in Market Place Newbury and was working as a Chambermaid, she married George Crosswell in 1862 and was widowed in 1865.

Sarah remarried in 1866 her 2nd husband was William Gale, they, had a daughter Florence Elizabeth born c1867. In 1871 William was an Innkeeper and the family were living in Speen (Fighting Cocks). Sarah died aged 34 in 1873 and William died aged 37 in 1877.

Jane’s father George was born in Greenham in c1818. George married twice his 1st wife was a widow, Elizabeth Batten (nee Hunt) they married in 1839. George was widowed in 1862. He worked as a Shoemaker and later became an Innkeeper. He died aged 47 on the 16th June 1865 and was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 21st June.

Jane died aged 8 months on the 10thNovember  1865 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 13th November alongside her father George.



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