John Lipscomb

Author: Frances Berry and FNRC
Date published: 02/08/2011
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The following are from “A Newbury Family” by Frances M. Berry (pages 5, 6 & 7)

“For John and his family the rule was to work hard for six days of each week and rest on the Sabbath. ….

“A great tragedy befell them however when, in the terrible winter of 1886 John, already suffering from a heavy cold, persisted in continuing to work and became seriously ill with pneumonia, and died (4th February). ….

“Hardly had Ann and her children emerged from the shock of John’s death and the effects of the disastrous weather, when another tragedy occurred; Ann was taken ill and she too passed away (10th May), just three months after her beloved husband, leaving their children utterly devastated and heartbroken. ….

“Fortunately for the orphans there were many relatives and friends willing to help them organise themselves and among them were George and Elizabeth Chivers of Wallers Alley, West Mills …..”



The record of John’s burial appears in the accounts book (buried 12th February 1886) with an ‘e’ attached to the surname. And the NWN of 11thFebruary reports “LIPSCOMBE:- Feb 4 at West Mills, Newbury, John Thomas Lipscombe, aged 49 years.”

Similarly, the account book reports Ann Lipscombe’s burial on 18th May, with the ‘e'. However, the NWN this time – on 20th May – reports “LIPSCOMB:- Ann, the widow of the late John Thomas Lipscomb, of Kennet-road.” (no date of death given.)

In her book, Frances Berry is consistent in the spelling of her ancestors’ name without the final ‘e’ and a photograph on page 17 of her book clearly shows it that way over a cycle shop in the Broadway (currently occupied by the Red Peppers Indian Restaurant).

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