Elizabeth Edwell

Author: Janet Carpenter
Date published: 26/04/2012
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Elizabeth Edwell

Henry Edwin Edwell was a metal worker in Newbury following his father Thomas's profession. He traded from Stillman's Yard and then 20 Bartholomew Street as an Ironmonger from at least 1861. His son Walter Kessuth came into the business and continued it on after Henry retired. The business was then carried on by his son Walter James. I have not yet discovered when he finished trading in Newbury but he died in Harrow, Mdx in 1959. If you do have access to trade directories covering Newbury I would be interested to know?

In Newtown Road Cemetery are buried three of Walter Kessuth's sisters and also his third wife. Walter died in Hendon, Mdx in 1936.

Kate Edwell 30 Oct 1929 Rec: 10714

Elizabeth Edwell 31 Aug 1932 Rec: 10913

Rosa Butler 3 May 1944 Rec:11619


Annie Harriet Edwell 6 May 1929 Rec: 10684

Kate was her fathers assistant in Newbury in the business. Elizabeth trained as a drapers assistant as did her sisters Rosa and Emilie. In later life she was to be found running the household for bereaved family members. Rosa married a schoolmaster in later life and lived in Bath. They also had two brothers who emigrated to Australia and records show that Walter and his wife Annie went out to stay with them in 1912 not returning until 1916. Brother Henry became a JP in Sydney and brother Edwin was in the family trade. These two brothers had male descendants who are the only remaining Edwells from this branch of the family descended from Thomas born in 1790 in Sutton Courtney. The brothers were educated at St Bartholomew's School from the age of 8. An article appeared in the last issue of BFH magazine with a school picture of 1865 showing Henry.

Walter's first wife Emily Jane died in childbirth in 1879 on the birth of her third child. Henry remarried in 1886 and his second wife died in 1904. He married Annie Harding in 1909 when she was aged 49 and he was aged 60. She died aged 69 and Walter died in Hendon, Middlesex in 1936 aged 87.


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