Ernest Malcolm Watson

Author: Brian Sylvesterr
Date published: 14/04/2016


He was initiated into the Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope on 6th February, 1906 aged 29, when George Gardner Leader was the Master of the Lodge.

In the same year Edward Gould, who is also buried in Newtown Road Cemetery (see elsewhere), had rejoined the lodge (he had previously been initiated in 1894) and was Newbury's Mayor in 1870.

Additionally, Frederick Charles Hopson was going through his ceremonies. He had been Mayor in 1904 and was to become the Master of the Lodge in 1918. He was the son of Joseph Hopson, Mayor in 1882.

Alfred Camp, would have been the Junior Warden, becoming Master in 1908, and Mayor for both 1909 and 1910.

Ernest Watson himself was made Master of the Lodge in 1920 and subsequently became its organist.

In 1925, at the consecration of the Hungerford Lodge, he is listed at their Founding Organist having by that time been honoured as “The Past Provincial Grand Organist”.

As may be seen in his obituary, both lodges were well represented, including F.C. Hopson.


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