Henry Froom Beck

Author: K.O.Beck
Date published: 20/04/2012
© K O Beck

Research into my own family shows that they were established in Devon until early in the nineteenth century when three brothers and a half brother moved to Cardiff. The half brother became a baker at Merthyr Tydfil. It was the discovery of the marriage of Henry Froom Beck at Merthyr that gave rise to one of those occasions where one is encouraged onto a false trail as I later discovered that this Beck had nothing to do with my part of the family. He led me to Reading and Newbury where I found that his grandfather, of exactly the same name, had a rather embarrassing experience on his intended wedding day.

His marriage was due to take place at the church of St. Nicholas, Newbury on March 6, 1825. The banns had been called, all the preparations had been made and you can imagine Henry nervously waiting in the church for the arrival of his young bride, Elizabeth Winter. When the ceremony was completed the couple moved into the vestry to sign the marriage certificate. Henry signed his full name: Henry Froom Beck, but the Rector, James Roe stopped the proceedings and wrote across the document' NB this incomplete through incorrectness of name as published in the Banns'. It seems that Henry had given his name as Henry Beck when asked for details for calling of the banns. Elizabeth forgave her husband-to-be for on May 10 the ceremony was performed again with the same bride and groom at the same church with the same clergyman officiating.

 I have many details of various Beck families and would be very happy to communicate with anyone researching this name.




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