Caleb Griffiths in Richard Godfrey's Police book

Date published: 21/11/2014
© Richard Godfrey

Caleb Griffiths gets three mentions in Richard Godfrey's book "Newbury Borough Police 1836-1875" ISBN 978-0-9560926-0-1 :-

1. Page 70: "Also during this period (1869) it was reported that Pc. Buckeridge was absent on long term sick leave and a Pc. Caleb Griffiths was taken on as a temporary Officer in his place."

2. Page 127: "1867 Additional Special Constables sworn in to cover Michaelmas Fair: ......... Caleb GRIFFITHS .......".

3. Page 135: "Caleb GRIFFITHS Employed as a temporary officer in place of Pc Buckeridge who was ill. Date appointed 23.3.1869. Date left - Not known but as a temporary Officer - limited time only."

Sources:Newbury Broough Police 1836 - 1875

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