Alexander Herbert Davis

Date published: 20/11/2014

DAVIS Alexander Herbert Apr 15 1889 Newbury –

Attended Newbury Grammar Sep 1898 – Jul 1906.

Father Henry Davis, 37 Northbrook St, Newbury, chemist, born Newbury

1891, 1901 chemist, shopkeeper, 37 Northbrook St
1911 Alex is a bank clerk in a lodging house, 76 Cowley Rd, Oxford.
1 older brother, 1 younger sister

Attended Newbury Grammar Sep 1898 – Jul 1905
1903 Apr – won Fives Doubles, beaten in 4th round of the singles.

Donated a book to the library.

Football - Captain of 1st XI– “played with his usual dash as centre half and fed his forwards well.”

Also captained a team in the School Cup “played extremely well against the wind and the hard rushes of Perkins’ men”.

School Paper Chase – a hare, caught after 3 miles.

School Run – joint 4th.

1903 Jul – Football - Vice Captain of Football Committee for next season

Cricket – 1st XI “batting: one of the best but not done himself justice, probably owing to nervousness. One of the best fielders. Also bowled.

Sports Day – a steward, also in Tug of War.

1903 Nov – passed Preliminary exam.

Debating Society Committee – spoke for horses against cars.

Football – 1st XI half back – “sent in a splendid shot which forced the goalkeeper over the line”

Chess – beaten in the 1st round.

Cricket – last season “a fidgety bat but tries hard and can hit a little., a good field and can bowl”. Batting average 5.2 runs, bowling average 7.3.

1904 Mar – Football 1st XI – played brilliantly, grandly, “a brilliant half, his heading and kicking being both sure and useful; he has played several good games for the school at back, but his place is essentially right half.”

Fives – represented South House with H Allnatt, won doubles.

1904 Jul – Chess- represented South House

Cadet Corps – Lance Cpl of B Squadron

Sports Day – steward, won Siamese race

Cricket – “ a promising bat and a splendid field”.

1904 Nov – Debating Society Committee

School Corps – attended every drill

Football 1st XI

1905 Apr – passed junior Cambridge Local

contributed to library

The Rivals – played the old retainer whose affection and familiarity were well brought out. “Capital”

Football – 1st XI – excellent, vice-captain. Hat trick v Wantage Grammar. “Neatest player in the XI, seems to do what he likes with the ball and is always to be found in the right place. He is certainly the best of the halves.”

(H S Cannon also in the team).

Fives – beaten in the finals of the doubles.

1905 Jul – prefect, football captain.

Sports Day – 3rd in Siamese, 2nd in Mile, 1st in the Potato Race

Cricket – 1st XI “ a brilliant filed who has saved many a run and cut short many a batsman’s career. In batting he began the season welll but suddenly lost his form for several matches. Played a fine innings v. Southampton. Can bowl”. Outshone the rest of the team.”

1905 Dec – Debating Society – opposed Channel Tunnel “French might get command of it in time of war. Journey by tunnel would cost more.” (Evers and Bance were for the Tunnel).

House Matches- got 39 and 34 for South House.

Speech Day – Pistol in Henry V in the Shakespeare selection.

Football – Nicely placed shot.

For once in a way he won the toss, elected to play with the wind at our backs.

Splendid play in defence.

Well-directed effort scored.

“Very neat and clever centre-half. Uses his head well and is a very fair shot. As a captain he has spared no pains to uphold the football traditions of the school.

House matches – scored a clever goal.

1906 Mar- Hockey 1st XI – 1 goal, half back (with Evers).

Cross Country Run - one of the hares, not caught.

Fives – won doubles knock-out, 3rd in senior competition/

Henry V - played “Pistol” – the cleverest performance apart from Henry V. “His acting showed much comic ability which he kept in control admirably”.

1906 Jul – Rifle Club secretary

Sports Day – 2nd in senior Long Jump, 3rd on Senior 100 yards, 2nd in Senior 220 yards, 3rd in Throwing the Cricket Ball, 2nd in Half Mile handicap, 3rd in Mile

Cricket “Evers and Davis batted well for the school”. Scores of 23, 28, 13, 31, top scorer. (C Warren also in team). “Showed a welcome return to form.” 246 runs, batting average 13.66, bowling average 10.58, 16 wickets. “Hardly done himself justice, largely owing to nervousness. Has a beautiful off stroke, but is weak on the leg stump. A good bowler and the best fieldsman and thrower in the XI. Another cricketer of admirable keenness and determination.”

1906 Dec – “Few boys have been more missed than Davis (& Moss) who both left in August. Both were extremely useful members of Cricket and Football XIs, they were towers of strength to our Dramatic Society and as Librarian rendered real services in somewhat ungrateful positions.”

Presented a fine print of Rosa Bonheur’s Waggon & Team to the school. Hung in the Vth form room.

Cambridge Local exams – 3rd class honours.

Speech Day – King John “ a capable actor but found small scope in The Bastard”.

Cricket – best innings for the school – 68.

1910 Dec – now captain of Oxford Banks AFC.

With grateful thanks to St Bartholomew's School for supplying this information and for kindly approving its inclusion.


Sources:St Bartholomew's School, Newbury

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