John Webb

Author: EA Capewell
Date published: 18/04/2012

John Webb purchased a grocery business at 50 Northbrook street, Newbury Berkshire in 1812 from John Chapman who had established it in 1770. In specialised in cheeses, premium bacon and coffee plus general provisions. He was succeeded by his son Thomas then grandsons Charles and John. Charles and John acted in partnership with Charles taking the management role. Charles retired in 1878 and John continued. While Charles was outgoing and popular John was somewhat introverted. The business was suffering from changing methods by the competition and in 1903 John drowned himself in a waterbutt.  Samuel and John (sons of John junior) then took over. The business was run as a family trust for his three daughters and the family finally sold the business in 1918 to George Sage who continued until he retired in 1935. It closed in 1965.

The emises were built during the reign of Charles 2nd 1662 - 1685 and the exterior was little changed during the 200 years of J Webb and sons.


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