Stephen North

Author: FNRC
Date published: 22/01/2014

Stephen North was born in 1851 the son of Thomas and Elizabeth North, living on Old Newtown Road.

He was the nephew of William North, Thomas’ brother. William and Thomas married sisters, Sarah and Elizabeth Justice.

William and Thomas, like their father, were plasterers.

In 1861 the family was living on Wash Road near The Wellington Arms.
They had a lodger Cornelius Elkens.
Stephen aged 15yrs had become an auctioneer’s clerk.

In 1871 they were back living on Old Road.
Catherine Jones in Newbury, an assistant living at the Queen’s Arms, Speenhamland.

By 1881 he was married to Catherine Jones born in Eastbury and they had four children
Stephen H 4yrs.,
Herbert 3 yrs.,
Sydney T 2 yrs.
Lizzie K 0yrs.

They had a servant Emily Willis 15yrs old from Kent and were living in Hops Cottage on Old Newtown Road.
Stephen was now a general auctioneer’s clerk and also Methodist local preacher.

In 1891 he was still an auctioneer’s clerk and was living in Clifton Villa, Priory Road with his wife Catherine, children Herbert who was now an upholsterer’s apprentice, Lizzie K, William L 8yrs and Alexander 2yrs.

In 1901 he was an auctioneers cashier living with his wife Catherine and children Sydney I aged 22, assistant at a china dealers, Lizzie K who was single and William L who was a builder’s apprentice. They were still living at Clifton Villa, Priory Rd.

In 1911 He was a widower still working as an auctioneer’s cashier His daughter Lizzie now 29yrs. was still single and living at home as was Alexander aged 22yrs. who was a borough accountant’s clerk.

He married Ethel Piper in 1912.

There is a long obituary from the NWN which shows him to have been well respected.


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