Mary Elizabeth Harrold

Author: Paul Colorado
Date published: 08/10/2012

Email from Paul


Mary Elizabeth Harrold used several different names not suprisingly leading to a bit of confusion as to who she really was by name.  Born end of 1855, Marlborough as Elizabeth Mary Harding. She is also known at various times as----Elizabeth Harding, Elizabeth M Harrold, Elizabeth Harrold, and in latter years, Mary Elizabeth Harrold.
In 1871, she was servant in St Martin's Lane, London ( near The Strand) as Elizabeth Harding. And as mentioned, married her uncle Frederick JJ in 1880 somewhere nearby then both went back to Marlborough and then Newbury and had 5 daughters .  Daughter Elizabeth married Sydney John Knight in Newbury, 1901----and i think they went to South Africa, but will come back to them. When she died 26 Aug 1933, she left an Estate of £4,358 compared to her husbands Estate in 1898 of £15,212. She always remained at the same house--Kiu-Kiang, St John's Rd. as when she was married. One of her husband's Executors had been Thomas Alfred Harding, engineer, Royal Navy.
Her parents are interesting too--- they were Henry Harding b. 1827 Marlborough and Lora Harrold b. 1832 Somerset. They married 1851 in Reading and lived in Marlborough. Besides being Frederick's mother in law, i wonder what other relation Lora was to Frederick because of these two Harding/Harrold marriages?

I think we might have a peculiar situation here! Regards Paul


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