Charles Hammond (Jnr)

Author: S Sylvester
Date published: 05/05/2022

From the story of Frederick Hammond who died in WW1,

taken from the West Berkshire War Memorials

Website* westberk,shirewarmemorials.orguetexts/stories/WBP01186S

By way of introduction, a brief family history is given; the following is an extract from that:-
Charles Hammond - died 1889 aged 53
First wife, Ann, died 1865 leaving two young sons:-William (born 1860) George (1863)

Second wife - Mary Ann née Clark: married 1866. (died 1911, aged 69)
1867 twins Charles and Edward, were born. Harriet was born in 1871 Ada Louise (1876) Charlotte (1878) Edwin John (1880) Frederick (1885) Albert James (1887).

ANN HAMMOND, the first wife of Charles Hammond, who was buried on 1st March, 1865. She was survived by two children, William and George.
CHARLES HAMMOND, who was buried on 11th March, 1865.
CHARLES HAMMOND, husband of Ann, who, having remarried, died on 28th October, 1889, aged 53, leaving ten children (including another Charles) to be cared for (see his obituary which follows).

[Questions: Is the Charles Hammond, buried on llth March, 1865, the son of Charles and Ann? Did Ann die in childbirth, bearing the younger Charles? Or did she die of an infectious disease which was shared with the younger Charles? The answer to these questions could be determined by ordering up copies of the death certificates for Ann and the younger Charles.]


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