Stillborn Randall

Author: G Soper
Date published: 19/04/2022

Stillborn Randall (1868 – 1868)



Fanny Randall was born in 1847 in Newbury. Her parents were Samson Randall and Ann Showell who had married on 14 October 1822 at St Nicolas in Newbury.


In the 1861 census Fanny was recorded with her parents and brother Solomon at Seadory Yard, 2 Cheap Street in Newbury. Samson was recorded as a bricklayer and Fanny as a servant.


Fanny gave birth to a stillborn child on 3 May 1868 at Newbury Union Workhouse. The child was buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 6 May 1868.


Two years later Fanny married John McIntyre on 14 November 1870 at St John the Evangelist at Limehouse in London.


The family then remained in Limehouse, in the 1881 census Fanny and John along with four children were living at 70 Blount Street in Limehouse.


Samson Randall, father of Fanny, was buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 12 April 1864.





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