Anne Maria Elliott

Author: G Soper
Date published: 28/03/2022

Anne Maria Elliott (1813 — 1892)

Anne Maria Elliott was born circa 1813 in Newbury. Her parents were probably Francis and Elizabeth, nee Tigwell, Elliott who had married at St Nicolas in Newbury on 17 September 1802.
In the 1841 census Anne was recorded at 39 Eaton Place in Westminster working as a female servant, The head of the house was Charles Hopkinson who was a banker and his wife was Clara. Charles had married Clara Bunny on 23 May 1837 at St Nicolas in Newbury. Altogether there were 15 people recorded in the house, Charles and Clara with their three children plus nine servants and Gertrude Bunny, probably Clara's sister.
Ten years later in the 1851 census Anne was again recorded at 39 Eaton Place with the Hopkinson family but was now a nurse. There were 19 people recorded in the house, Charles and Clara with their six children, a governess, a nurse (Anne), plus seven house servants, a daughter of one servant and Caroline Bunny, Clara's sister.
Anne cannot be traced in the 1861 census nor can the Hopkinson family.
In the 1871 census Anne was recorded at 74 Ecclestone Square in Pimlico with Charles and Clara Hopkinson and family but now recorded as a visitor with no occupation. There were 17 people recorded in the house, Charles and Clara with four children, a grandson born in India, nine servants plus Anne as a visitor. Ten years later in the 1881 census Anne was still at 74 Ecclestone Square and recorded as a visitor and formerly a servant. Charles Hopkinson was still the head of the house with four children although his wife Clara was staying with her daughter in Aldershot. There were eight servants in the house, a housekeeper, butler, two lady's maids, housemaid, under housemaid, kitchen maid and a footman. Charles died 11 March 1882 so Ann may well have moved out of London soon after his death.
Anne was recorded as a boarder in The Broadway in Speenhamland in the 1891 census and her occupation was "living on her own means".
Anne died 3 January 1892 at Speenhamland and was buried 6 January 1892 at Newtown Road Cemetery. An announcement appeared in the Newbury Weekly News dated 14 January 1892 which read as below.

ELLIOTT — Jan 3, at Speenhamland, Anne Maria Elliott, aged 78.

Anne left a will and probate was granted on 31 May 1892 at Oxford to Ellen Elliott, wife of Henry Elliott.

The value of the estate was £87.


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