John Maiden

Author: Christopher Reeves
Date published: 12/07/2021

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photograph provided by relative
©Christopher Reeves
photograph provided by relative


John Maiden was born 16/11/1863 in Pimlico London, his wife Ellen Emma Wakeham who was born 03/04/1870 in The Strand London. They were married in London, we have a date of the 7th June but no year. They moved to Newbury approx late 1800’s. they lived in 4 Boston Cottages, this was later renumbered to 2 Railway Road, Newbury. His profession was a Milkman. They had four children one of whom was my fathers mother. She and her husband lived in the house until they died, mid 1970’s.

Interestingly my paternal grandparents were cousins. Ellen, above, had an elder sister, another Wakeham, whose son married Ellen’s daughter my grandparents. 

Attached is a photo we are pretty confident is John and Ellen Maiden.

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