Lucy Alesbury

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 31/05/2021

Lucy Alesbury



Lucy Garrett was baptised on the 16th February 1834 in Bucklebury Berkshire the daughter of James & Sarah Garratt/Garrett (nee Powell) who were married in Bradfield on the 11th November 1820. Lucy’s father James worked as an Agricultural Labourer.

Other children of James & Sarah:

Thomas baptised 17/3/1822 Bradfield

Hannah baptised 8/7/1824 Beenham

William baptised 22/1/1826 Bradfield

Emily Mary baptised 6/4/1828 Bucklebury

George baptised 30/5/1830 Bucklebury

John baptised 16/2/1834 Bucklebury (together with his sister Lucy)

Sarah baptised 11/4/1841 Beenham


In 1841 Lucy Garratt (9) was living in Beenham Green Berkshire with her parents James (40) and Sarah (40) and her siblings, Emma (13), (Emily recorded as Emma) George (11), John (7) and Sarah (4 months)

The 1851 census records James Garrett (57), Sarah (56), Lucy (18), John (16) and Sarah (10) living in Beenham Village

Lucy gave birth to two illegitimate children who were both born in Beenham, William born in 1852 baptised 15th June 1852 in Beenham and Frederick born in 1857 baptised in Beenham on 10th January 1858.

Lucy Garratt married William Lawrence, (an agricultural labourer), in 1857 and they had the following children:

Hannah born 1860 (died 1860), Rachel born 1864 (died aged 2 in 1866) and Selina born 1869 (born after William’s death in February 1868).

In 1861 William Laurence (39) Lucy Laurence (29), William Garrett (9) Frederick Garrett (4) and Sarah Garrett (73) were recorded living in Beenham Village.

William died aged 40 in 1868 (death registered in Bradfield) and Lucy remarried the following year. Her 2nd husband was Frederick Alsbury.

The 1871 census records Frederick Alsbury (44) as an Agricultural Labourer, Lucy Alsbury (40) and Lucy’s children, William (19), Frederick (11), Hannah (8) and Selina (2 (All the children were recorded with the surname Lawrance) , living in Beenham Village.

In 1881 Frederick Alespury (52), a Labourer, Lucy Alespury (47), Selina Alespury (12) a niece, Louisa Lawrence (2) were recorded living in Harts Hill Thatcham Berkshire.

The 1891 census records Frederick Alsbury (52) as a Farm Servant living in Norris Cross Cottage Maple Durham with Lucy (63), Selina Lawrence (22) and a granddaughter Annie Lawrence (13).

Frederick Aylesbury (Alsbury) died aged 62 in 1891(death registered as Fred Aylesbury in Reading).

Lucy Alesbury died aged 63 on the 19th May 1895 in the Union Workhouse Newbury she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 22nd May.




Sources: as above and Workhouse records

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