Maria Bulpit

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 18/02/2021

Maria Bulpit



Maria Wernham was born in Newbury in 1855 she was the daughter of Elijah and Eliza Wernham (nee Brown) who were married in Newbury in 1853. Elijah was born c1824 in Hampstead Norris and Eliza was born c1827 in Newbury.

Maria (5) was recorded in the 1861 census living in Mayor’s Lane Cheap Street Newbury with her parents Elijah (37), a Lath Render and Eliza (34), her sister Dorcus (2), her grandmother Maria Brown (77) and her uncle, Thomas Brown (20)

Maria (surname spelt Wornham) married Edmund Bulpit born 1853 in Newbury) in 1873 in Newbury. Edmund was working as a Farm Servant in 1871. They had three children, Eliza Harriet born in 1873, Elijah born in 1874 and Laura born in 1877. Sadly Maria and all three children died within a few years of each other.

Elijah died soon after he was born in 1874.

Eliza died aged 4 in 1877 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 11th September

Maria died aged 23 in 1877 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 2nd November

Laura died aged 14 months in 1878 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 1st May


Edmund remarried in 1881 in Newbury his 2nd wife was Elizabeth Collins (his half-niece, born 13th February 1861 in Enborne, daughter of Emmanuel and Elizabeth Collins (nee Bulpit ), Elizabeth Bulpit and Edmund were both the children of Joseph Bulpit  born c1805 in Enborne ).

Edmund and Elizabeth went on to have had four children, Arthur Edward born in 1883 (died in 1883 aged 1 month  buried in the NRC on the 18th May), May Matilda born in 1885, Francis Edmund born in 1886 (died 1886 buried in the NRC on the 15th September) and Florence Daisy born in 1895.

Edmund died aged 73 in 1926 (death registered in Poplar)


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