Frederick Isles

Author: Deirdre Duff
Date published: 09/01/2021


He was baptised on 19 September 1852 at Faccombe, Hampshire: his parents were Henry and Jane (Winkworth) Isles.  He was their third son and one of 10 children.  His father was a victualler/publican of the Chequers Inn, Faccombe Road, Faccombe, and a master carpenter employing 4 men.  His father later became the publican of the George & Dragon Inn, Faccombe.

Frederick followed his father’s trade of carpentry and the next record is the 1881 census in which he is recorded living at The Lodge, Faccombe, with his wife Emily, aged 21 born in Tangley, Hampshire, and their 3 children: Edith Annie (b. 4Q 1877); Myra Florence (B. 4Q 1878) and William Henry Frederick (b. 2Q 1880).  Their mother’s maiden name is Wise.  Research has not been able to establish when and where Frederick and Emily married.

During the next ten years 6 more children were born: Teresa Kate (b. 1Q 1882); Lawrence Bernard (b. 4Q 1883);  Albert Edwin (b. 3Q 1885); Beatrice Jane (b. 1Q 1887); Alice Mary (b. 3Q 1888) and Eva Maria (b. 3Q 1890 – died 25 August 1895, aged 5).  All nine children are living with their parents at Andover Road, East Woodhay, Kingsclere, in 1891.

The family then moved to live at Falkland Villa, Andover Road, Newbury.  Four more children were born; Walter Charles (b. 3Q 1892); Mabel Emily (b. 2Q 1894); Alfred Ernest (b. 1Q 1897) and Frederick Arthur Norman (b. 2Q 1904). Also lodging with the family in 1901 were relatives Frederick W. Winter (age 22), a carpenter, and Arthur Winter (age 19), a blacksmith.  Both were born in Tangley and their mother’s name was Caroline Wise, wife of Alfred Winter.

By 1911 the family have moved again to 1 St. Andrews Villas, Queens Road.  Frederick is still working as a carpenter and three of their children are living with them:  Albert Edwin (age 25) working as a County Court Bailiff and the youngest children Alfred Ernest (age 14) and Frederick Arthur (age 7) are at school.  His son Lawrence Bernard who had married Catherine Marshall in 1907, continued to live at Falkland Villa with his family.

In 1916, the family suffered 2 deaths.  Frederick and Emily’s  grandson, Frederick John Isles, son of Lawrence Bernard, was drowned in a tragic accident in June 1916 at the age 9 years, and  Emily died, aged 56, at the end of  December 1916, at 55 York Road, the home of their son, Lawrence Bernard and his wife Catherine.   Both Frederick John Isles and Emily Isles are buried in the Cemetery.

On 26 July 1919, at the age of 66,  Frederick was admitted into the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters, Cabinetmakers & Joiners.

From 1919 to 1925 he lived on his own at 47 Bartholomew Street, and then later he moved to 58 Bartholomew Street to live with his married daughter Edith Annie, her husband Harry Walter Samuels and his 2 children from his first marriage -  Harry Charles Samuels, and Ella Gore and her husband Edward George Gore.  Albert Victor O’Brien  is also a resident.

He died, aged 80 years, in February 1932 at North Middlesex County Hospital, North Edmonton, and his body was brought back to Newbury for burial in the Cemetery on 27 February 1932.

It is possible that he had previously moved to London to live with his daughter Beatrice Jane who had married Oscar Albert Stanley Crace in 1907 and they lived in Edmonton.


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