Kate Elliott

Author: Gerald Soper
Date published: 23/11/2020
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Kate Elliott (1889 – 1889)

                                    William Elliott (1889 – 1889)


Annie Elizabeth Elliott was born in 1855 in Newbury the daughter of John and Elizabeth, nee Thatcher, Elliott.


She was recorded in the 1861 and 1871 censuses with her parents and various siblings in Newbury. In the 1881 census she was recorded with her parents John and Elizabeth, and siblings Henry aged 19, Kate aged 17, George aged 15, William aged 14 and Laura aged 8 living in West Fields in Newbury. Also, in the house was a grandson of John and Elizabeth, John aged 2. John was recorded as a bricklayer, Annie as a cook, Kate a domestic servant and Henry & George both bricklayers.


Kate and William Elliott were both baptized privately on 6 October 1889 and the baptism recorded in the parish registers of St Nicolas in Newbury. Their mother was recorded as Annie Elizabeth Elliott of West Fields.


Kate and William both died very soon after their baptism and were both buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 9 October 1889. William was recorded as one day old on death and Kate as one day 12 hours.


Annie’s father John died 26 November 1890 and was buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 1 December 1890.


Annie was recorded in the 1891 census with her mother Elizabeth and brother Henry aged 27 along with Elizabeth’s grandsons John aged 11 and William aged 5 at 5 Marsh Street in Newbury. The grandsons are probably Annie’s children.


Annie married Albert Krauesslar in Reading in 1895. Subsequently in the 1901 census Annie was recorded with her husband Albert and son Albert aged 5 at 10 Church Street in New Windsor, Albert was recorded as a house painter. Annie’s husband Albert died in Windsor in 1902.


In the 1911 census Annie was recorded as head of the house with her mother Elizabeth her brother Henry aged 45, her sister Kate aged 47 along with sons William aged 25 and Albert aged 15 at 1 Gordon Terrace, Kings Road in Newbury. Annie’s occupation was recorded as housework, Henry a bricklayer, Kate a pensioner and William a house painter.


Annie’s mother Elizabeth died 2 July 1918 while still living at 1 Gordon Terrace and she was buried on 6 July 1918 at Shaw Cemetery.


Annie died 11 May 1919 aged 64 and was buried at Shaw Cemetery on 14 May 1919.


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