William Francis Jones

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 26/06/2020
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William Francis Jones



William was born in Paddington Middlesex. He married Naomi Eden on the 12th March 1830 at St Nicolas Church Newbury he was a widower when he married Naomi (she was born c1811 in Cornwall).

William and Naomi had the following children:

William born c1830 in Newbury

Mary Ann born c1832 in Newbury

Elizabeth born c1833 in Greenham

Ellen c1835 in Greenham

Thomas Eden born 1838 in Newbury

Sarah born c1840 in Newbury

Matilda born c1840 in Newbury

Emma Sophia born 1843 in Newbury (Emma was recorded as a Cripple in the 1861 census)

Martha Eden born 1847 in Newbury

George Eden born 1849 in Newbury

Kitturah born c1852 in Newbury


William worked as a Chimney Sweep and the family lived in St Mary Hill Newbury in 1851 and Mayor’s Lane Cheap Street Newbury in 1861.

William died aged 63 in 1862 he was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 24th September.

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